18 avril 2009

The Past Struggles Still Matter

Sometimes you wanna fight, sometimes you wanna cry
Sometimes life is hard, sometimes you fall apart
Sometimes you just wonder how long you will withstand this
Sometimes you ask why your people can't find peace
Through the bumps and pitfalls of your existence
You need to kick back and feel the true essence
Reflect on the meaning of all that nonsense
Whishing your next move won't be your last dance
No more bullshit, no more pain, no more drama
All you want is a quiet place for your mamma
No more fifteen years old kid found dead
A wound in the head, laid in the red
An all too common scene, in the inner city
More black males in jail than in university
Than shit repeats itself, through the centuries
It's time to get rid if that slavery legacy

Hopefully the dark days won't last forever
Eventually everything should turn ou better
I wish the best of luck for all my brothers
We gotta keep it strong the past struggles still matter

Man, you know the story, getting up early
Working all day long for the minimum salary
With one major worry, that tops all the others
And that's how to make a youngster believe in honesty
So many play nasty, and bring so much money
Easy, like a phone call and a delivery
Everything is shiny, till the cops knock at your door
Next thing you know, you get charged for felony
Too much injustice, too many injuries
Too many blacks in front of white juries
Too many ways to arm you whole community
Way not enough jobs and opportunities
So what you gonna do now, what you gotta say?
Will you let things go, will you get into play?
How many more broken dreams? Living day to day
We gotta get back on that spirit from back in the days


It came a long way from the slave ships, to Kanye
But nothing is for granted, you cannot believe what they say
You got black faces on TV, in the NBA
But how many more trying to make ends meet everyday
Some try to figure out a way to overcome this burden
Legal or illegal they have to feed their children
When it's about survival, some pick the rifle
Some rob at random, while others follow their soul, but
Nobody wanna live that kind of life, man
When you don'y know if you will see the next morning
Nobody ever wanna lose a child, man
Because of poor education and gangbanging
Now what's your plan my brother?
Will you fall victim of the system, or support your sisters? yo
Will you take another chance, to grow
A true relation and give your son an option?

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