18 avril 2009

Bring Me Something New

Bring me something new, yeah, take me somewhere I've never gone to
I wanna smell the thrill of the unknown
See what I've never watch, hear what I have never listen to
I kinda getting bored
I need that feeling, of not knowing
What's gonna happen the fillowing morning
I just can't live being sure about what comes next
Don't want my yesterdays and tomorrows to have the same taste
It's so easy, to take life as it comes
You're getting lazy, when you don't expect anything to happen,
And no one to come, so you're the one who move things
You're the one who can make make shit begin
And I ain't gonna be the next fool to turn forty
Thinking that he might have missed his greatest opportunities
With ambition come action, passion, will to take the lead
Now I gotta pour water to grow the seed
I want, danger, surprise coming out the four corners
Hard work to put my strength and thoughs back together
Getting my ass out of serious situations
Where the only smart move would be to re-invent myself
That's what it's all about, cause my heart is all I have
And with no stimulation it may very well dry out
So I gotta take care of my health by
Grabbing my hand, and start running on the edge
Cause sometimes my days and nights seem so secured
Cristal clear, but now I want them blurred
It's up to me not to know what I'll be doing ten years from now
My last album? Just a step, not a furmula
Gotta keep moving in the process, seaking progress
With just one wish, living life to the fullest
This song is like a warning, a new beginning
A wake up call to challenge my self esteem
I fear, I'm getting used to my life, I don't want that
I really can't tell me lies I'm, too proud for that
My whole reputation is built on, shaking things up
Don't believe the hype, was my motto growing up
I mean, how can I sit down and look at time run away
Waiting my turn to get on the train, no way
It's a thin line between patience and missing your chance
Letting the world turn without me would be the worst stance
So I want new friends, new songs, create new trends
Spend time to learn and master new skills
New lessons from the past, that could bring a new light
On all that made me an outcast
I want new new shit like Lauren London, Oh!
New girl that could finally give me some
You know, I don't say that all I got right now is wrong
But everytime I don't move forward, brings me closer to the tomb

Always on my grind, I try to keep ot thorough
It's an everyday thang, don't be too quick to judge and quick to ban
My goal is simple, but the means hard to handle
How long, will I have the strength, to try to make it last and make it stand?

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