18 avril 2009

Zero Milestone

We try to bring it on a higher level without any support from any label
We stay on our own like animals
We win battles, we empty bottles, dangerous like rattle
Snakes, now find my name on Google
That Underground Railroad was a classic, right?!
Now like Outkast I deserve my five mics
I paid my dues, sold CDs on the loose
Still, I don't feel confused, cause that's the life I choose
We took everyone of ya'll by surprise
Nobody, no one, even saw us rise
We've been praised for pushing the envelope, yo
Most of the other rappers, chose the bridge or the rop yo
While we signed autographs, on paper, boobs and even ass
That's right that's not cash, damn, I still can't afford gas
But I got my mind right, my daddy and my mama pride
I don't need a nation, got my friends by my side

We're climbing high, when you lay low
Say it when you think so
Break in by the front door
Hot shit is all we're known for
Clap your hands in the sky
If you're feeling the vibe
And till the day I die
I'll keep working hard, hard

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